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Paradigm Signature SUB 2 (Must saar)

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Paradigm Signature SUB 2 (Must saar)
Aktiivsubwoofer 6 x 10" / 4500WThe Best Subwoofer in its Price Range!mõõdud (K x L x S): 622 × 604 × 578mm
11 890,00 €

Saadavus: Laos

Tarneaeg: 3-7 tööpäeva



The Best Subwoofer in its Price Range!

The most difficult task in designing SUB 1 and SUB 2 was not just to have these subs play lower and louder than any other subwoofers in the world, but to do so in a size that wouldn't dominate the average living room, and in a cabinet that could be mistaken for a very fine piece of furniture.

And then there are the mind-boggling specs. SUB 2 plumbs the depths to 7 Hz with bloodcurdling output: 112 dB at 10 Hz, 126 dB at 60 Hz (in room). Connected to a 240-volt line, SUB 2 delivers 4,500 watts of continuous RMS Sustained power and a Frankenstein 9,000 watts of Dynamic Peak power through its unique Power Factor Correction system. Talk about bringing your music and movies to life! SUB 1 is no slouch either, delivering 1,700 watts of continuous power and 3,400 watts at peak.

With not one, but six cutting-edge drivers in each sub, transient information is conveyed with pristine clarity and perfect precision. Dynamics come through with lightning-fast speed and a power so shattering that it must be heard to be believed. Bass reproduction is eerily accurate and detailed, in large part a result of the unique Vibration-Canceling Design Architecture (VCDA) Vibration-Canceling Design Architecture Physics trumps mechanics with a little help from Paradigm

Typically, subwoofer enclosures contain one large driver. As that driver moves back and forth, the cabinet can vibrate which leads to smeared response, bass that lacks clarity and definition. Well-executed cabinet design, like that on Paradigm Reference subwoofers, typically includes sophisticated and extensive physical bracing inside the enclosure.

So why, when Paradigm puts six drivers in a single cabinet without significant physical bracing, does a martini set on top, while the subs are playing, barely elicit a ripple? Designed, engineered and manufactured by Paradigm in North America, SUB 1 and SUB 2 are movers, not shakers … massive air movement, massive output, virtually vibration-free.

Six identical, perfectly balanced state-of-the-art drivers are radially aligned (two on each side) inside the cabinet. As opposing forces of equal magnitude, the powerful vibration-reaction forces (see the arrows in diagram, below) effectively cancel each other out. Barely a ripple disturbs the martini placed on top of the cabinet, such is the degree to which unwanted, distortion-inducing vibrations are reduced.

  • Weight: 106 kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 622 × 604 × 578 mm

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